Profile Organizer - Replaced with LinkedIn Contacts

What happened to my Profile Organizer information?

Última revisión: 17/07/2014
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The LinkedIn team is continually working on developing more useful products and features. This sometimes means we'll incorporate a feature into another product.

With the launch of LinkedIn Contacts, Profile Organizer is no longer a Premium feature and much of its functionality is now available to all LinkedIn members. Any saved profiles, notes, and tags will be transferred to LinkedIn Contacts as tags. In Contacts, you can add more information about the profiles you've saved and continue to tag, add notes, and organize your saved contacts in one place. See a visual reference that will help you find your folders and notes.

To access saved profiles:

  1. Move your cursor over Connections at the top of your homepage and select Keep in Touch.
  2. Click Filter by... above your first contact and select Tag. From there you can click specific tags to see a list of contacts with that tag.
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